Pop a Squat and Stay Awhile

Creating a new website – probably my last post at this website

I peruse e-bay pretty often looking for a nude Silkstone Barbie for a descent price, around $30.00.  So, I was doing this the other day when I noticed a doll I had never heard of before.  This lead me to where I bought the doll for $125.00.  I have not seen this doll for… (read more)

Twenty One Pilots

I have spent like 6 hrs watching Twenty One Pilots videos and interviews and Beastie Boys videos and interviews. My nine year old just introduced me to Twenty One Pilots last night and for some reason they made me think of the Beastie Boys.  So I have spent half my day looking for a watching… (read more)

DS9 “A Man Alone”

I have just started watching DS9 (again), I am always so surprised at how much happens in the first 4 or 5 episodes.  They did a very good job establishing all of the characters. In “A Man Alone” a mob of people attack the security office, otherwise known as Odo’s home, because Odo is different… (read more)

What Happened to Summer 2014

I just realized today when I was looking at pictures from the summer of 2013 that I have completely lost all memory of the summer of 2014.  I thought that the pictures I was looking at from the summer of 2013 were from the summer of 2014. My youngest son was in a car accident… (read more)

Staycation 2016 – obsessive youtube watching – nail art tutorials & music videos

I have been watching so many hours of youtube.  I was up till 5am watching Cat Power interviews and videos.  I watched a youtuber applying make-up and I am obsessed with the Nail Career Education channel. I am so going to try the water marble nail art. I am so surprised at how many hours… (read more)